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Application process

Please complete and return the application form by mail or drop it in our mailbox (located on the basement level in the office door). After receiving your completed application form, we will contact you when a suitable vacancy arises. You will be invited to visit the co-op and be interviewed by the membership committee.

We will keep your application in our active file for six months. If after six months you are still interested in our co-op, please let us know. Just write us a note or postcard saying you are still interested. You should also write us to update any information, which has changed:

contact information or family size.


Subsidy application is permanently closed.


Q: What is share purchase?

A: Share purchase is a one time fee upon accepting membership into the Co-op and obtaining a unit. The share purchase must be made prior to move-in and will be repaid (without interest) at the time of move-out. If you owe the co-op money for: i.e., housing charges, fines, damage to your unit, etc, it will be deducted from your share purchase before it is paid back to you.

Q: Do you allow pets?

A: Members may have two indoor cats. No dogs allowed.


Housing Charge Schedule



1 bedroom:

Monthly charge- $1036

Share Purchase- $1600

12 units

2 bedroom:

Monthly charge- $1278

Share Purchase- $1900

24 units (two wheelchair accessible)

3 bedroom:

Monthly charge- $1497

Share Purchase- $2200

11 units

4 bedroom:

Monthly charge- $1610

Share Purchase- $2400

5 units


Note: housing charges are subject to change every fiscal year (Sept-Aug)

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